Photo Books


We are looking for your Photo Book to share with the world. We will highlight on our website photo books offering something unique to our readers and collectors. We have an open book policy (pun intended) which means you may send us a copy of your photo book for review at anytime. If we review your photo book we will notify you before we post it on our website. And we will also post on our Facebook page a notice with a link to the review.

All books submitted for review will be included in a monthly list of books submitted (even if we don’t review it) and if you provide the link we will include the link to where the it can be purchased.

To submit books for review please see below.

  • No reading fee is required
  • Please include contact information (email & ph#) and a link to where your photo book may be purchased.
  • Include return postage if you want the book returned.
  • Books not returned will be added to our non-circulating library.
    • Once we have a landed site the Non-circulating library will be made available to all who stop in.
    • The non-circulating library will include books you choose to submit alongwith the books we purchase. This will ultimately include many out-of-print books we purchase for archival & research purposes.
  • We do hope you allow us to keep your photo book for the library but requesting it to be returned will not influence our decision to review it.
  •  Send your submission to:
    • Photographers House: Book Review
      1000 Charles St
      Mechanicsburg PA 17055-3944